Chattanooga 70.3 - 4th

So Chattanooga was a race I just wanted to tick off. With such a disrupted lead up with a cracked bike frame 4 weeks before the race, a stomach virus 2 weeks before the race, and a cracked handlebar once I arrived in Tennessee, I was just relieved and excited to toe the start line! Basically the gameplan leading into the race was to limit the damage from the gun. Not the way I wanted to race in my first US race, but it the only way I was going to finish with a sound result.

This was the first race I was able to do aboard my new Giant Trinity. That was super exciting for me and I can't thank the crew at Giant Sydney enough for all their help in getting the bike ready for me in time to take on my US trip! Here are a few photos of the new bike:

I swam quite comfortably in the front group, and rode quite comfy with the front guys also. There was one athlete who broke away but I just wanted to save my legs as best I could!

I hit the run quite comfy but after 5mins I started cramping. I went from equal 2nd to 7th when I had to stop for 1-2mins and settle the cramps down. I can only put this down due to a lack of time on the bike recently.

The cramp eventually subsided and I was able to get running again where I caught up to third, but with a couple of Km to go I got passed and finished in 4th.

To be completely honest, I was very disappointed as I think this could have been so much more than what it was with the form I was in 4 weeks before the race, but with the way things worked out, I am proud to have hung tough and finished in fourth.

I am now in Boulder, Colorado and doing it tough in the lack of oxygen up here! Already starting to feel a lot better in training and I am hoping this will give me a bit of an edge for my next race, Calgary 70.3 on 23rd July.


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