Sunshine Coast 70.3

I headed up to Mooloolaba last weekend to race my third attempt at the Half Ironman. My mindset leading into the race was thinking about the process over the outcome. If I could follow the race plan I discussed with my coach Tim, and listen to my body during the race, I was hopeful I would produce a solid result in the end. Currently I am not putting too much pressure on myself for 70.3 events, as I know I have a lot of experience to gain over this racing format.

The swim was a beach start, which I loved. I was swimming in the front pack for the first couple of hundred meters but felt really average and got dropped from the lead group of 6. I exited the water 90 secs down on the leader. I have identified with Tim that open water skills and swimming in a wetsuit is something I have to get right and something we will really focus on in the future.

From the start of the bike I was riding with Tim Berkel and Peter Robertson. There were 4 guys up the road and a bunch of about 8 guys in a bunch 2 mins behind. Berkel was given a penalty after about 35kms so from there it was just Robbo and myself. We held the gap ahead of the bunch behind and coming back into town at the end of the bike I opened a little gap over Robbo. I headed out onto the run in 5th place. I learnt from Yeppoon how vital pacing is on the run, so I took the run out slow and built it. I felt relaxed and comfortable during pretty much the whole run and was able to hold the gap to finish in 5th overall.

After my rough introduction to 70.3 racing at Cairns, I put a solid race together for 6th at Yeppoon 70.3 and now to place 5th at Sunshine Coast I am happy to see massive improvements from every race I do. I am really enjoying my training and racing, and with uni almost over for the year, things seem to be heading in the right direction. Thanks to Darryl from Shotz nutrition, who shared some of his knowledge with me before the race and helped me sort out my race nutrition plan. It worked perfectly. As always, thanks to Adidas and UTS Sports for their support.

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